Beer On Tap 

12oz $7, 1/2L $9, 1L $15, Flight of four $14

Port Side Pilsner

German-Style Pils. Light and crisp with a touch of earthy, floral saaz hops on the finish. 
ABV – 4.7% IBU – 26  

Late Harvest

Pumpkin Ale. This autumn ale is brewed with real pumpkin and full of apple and spice flavours.
ABV – 6.2% IBU – 13

Black Sail

Dunkel. A European-style dark lager with notes of chocolate, coffee, and toasted malt with a clean lager finish.
ABV – 5.6% IBU – 20

Jealous Mistress

English Brown Ale w/ Honey. Made with honey from Rosewood Estates Winery, this heavy-hitting brown ale is smooth and sweet with notes of cola, caramel and mead.  
ABV – 7% IBU – 14 


Blonde Ale. An easy drinking light beer with mild notes of tangerine and very low bitterness. 
ABV – 4.2% IBU – 15


Hefeweizen. German-style wheat beer that is refreshing with a smooth, slightlty creamy texture and notes of sweet banana and spicy clove.
ABV – 5.3% IBU – 11

Industrial Pale Ale

English Style IPA. Hopped with Cascade and Chinook for a bitter, crisp finish, this IPA has a slightly malty backbone in the traditional English style. 
ABV – 5.6% IBU – 34 


White IPA. A cross between and American IPA and a Belgian Wit, this beer features a Galaxy dry hop for notes of passionfruit and candied peach.
ABV – 5.7% IBU – 40


Sour IPA. Mild sourness with unique fruit bitterness. Notes sweet fruit and citrus, tastes just like biting into a fresh pomelo.
 ABV – 5.8% IBU – 21

Imperial 2021

Imperial Stout brewed with Niagara cherries, cacao nibs, and sweet cream. A fruity and refreshing beer flavoured like a sour cherry confection with a chocolatey back note. Only available in 5oz and 12oz pours. 
 ABV – 10% 


By the Glass, 6oz / 9oz

Lakeview Good Company Red Baco/Gamay $10 / $14
Lakeview Good Company Good Company White Vidal, $10 / $14
Lakeview Unoaked Chardonnay, $11 / $15


By the Bottle

Lakeview Good Company Vidal, $35
Lakeview Chardonnay, $35


Amaro Negroni, $16
amaro, gin, sweet vermouth

Old Fashioned, $13
Angostura bitters, cascade hop simple syrup, Canadian whiskey

Whiskey Sour, $14
Canadian whiskey, lemon juice, aquafaba, cascade hop simple syrup

Gimlet, $14
gin, lime juice, cascade hop simple syrup

Lime Sidecar, $14
vodka, triple sec, lime juice

Michelada, $14
lime juice, worcestershire sauce, tabasco, soy sauce, lemon pepper, old bay, pilsner

Gold Rush, $14
honey syrup, canadian whiskey, lemon juice

Caesar, $15
clamato, vodka, worchestershire sauce, tabasco, pickle juice

High Ball / Low Ball, $12
gin & tonic, vodka soda, whiskey & cola, etc


1 oz served neat

Gretzky’s Red Cask Whiskey $7

Limited Gin, $7

Dillions Vodka, $7

Limited Apple Pie Moonshine, $7

Other Bevvies

Heineken, $5

Soft Drinks by the Can, $3
coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, nestea, ginger ale

Juice Box, $1.50


Apps & Sides

Hummus, $10
served with corn chips. vegan

Soft Pretzel, $10
served with beer mustard and cheese sauce

Chili, $14
beef chili, corn chips, sour cream, green onion

French Fries, $8
tossed in rosemary and served with ketchup

Parm Fries, $10
tossed in rosemary and topped with fresh parmesan

Poutine, $12
french fries served with vegan gravy and cheese curds

Loaded Fries, $14
fries with chili & cheese sauce

Chicken Wings, $16
choice of buffalo, BBQ, lemon pepper, salt & pepper, cajun, or nashville hot

Celery & Carrots, $3
with blue cheese dressing


add chicken +$7

Caesar Salad, $11 
romaine, parmesan, creamy dressing, bacon

Green Salad, $10
romaine, green onion, dill, parmesan, chickpeas, lemon dressing

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Bacon Ranch, $16
bacon, ranch, lettuce, tomato

Nashville Hot, $15
nashville hot seasoning, pickles, green apple slaw

BBQ Bacon, $16
americancheese, bacon, crispy onions, crispy jalapeno, BBQ sauce


Smash Burgers

make it a double patty +$5

Classic, $15
beef patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, ketchup and mustard

Black Sail, $16
beef patty, sautéed cremini mushrooms, black sail onions, swiss cheese

BBQ Bacon, $17
beef patty, american cheese, bacon, crispy onions, crispy jalapeno, bbq sauce

Spicy Hawaiian, $16
beef patty, grilled pineapple, crispy jalapeno, cilantro, pickled onion, citrus crema

Hot Dogs

Ball Park, $9
ketchup and mustard

Chili Cheese Dog, $11
cheese sauce, chili 

Black Sail, $11
black sail onions, sautéed cremini mushrooms, swiss cheese

Dill Dog, $10
dill crème fraïche, dill pickle chutney, fresh dill

Spicy Hawaiian, $10
crispy jalapeño, grilled pineapple, pickled onion, cilantro, citrus crema


Big Catch, $16
beer battered haddock, iceberg,caper remoulade, american cheese, pickled onion, tomato, on a brioche

Fish and Chips, $18
1pc beer battered haddock, caper remoulade, green apple slaw, fries. Add a second piece for $6

Dog Menu by Poochable

Pupsicle, $5
greek yogurt, peanut butter, banana, cookie (oat flour, beef, cheese, sweet potato)

Barkuterie Board, $20
Beef strips, chicken strips, sweet potato, cheddar bones (oats, cheddar cheese, egg, coconut oil), blueberry squares (oats, whole wheat flour, peanut butter, blueberries), Poochable bone (whole wheat flour, unsweetened applesauce, egg, cinnamon), pretzel (whole wheat flour, pumpkin, egg, peanut butter).