Our Flagship Brews

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Industrial Pale Ale

Pale Ale

The shipbuilding, sailing and commerce history in Port Dalhousie is celebrated in this unfiltered hand-made pale ale. The spirit of ingenuity and courage is honoured in this toast to traditions of entrepeneurs, leaders and tradesmen that have shaped our past. Lock Street Brewing Company continues to carry on their legacies through our timeless all-natural beers.

ABV - 5.8% IBU - 63

Medium Caramel Body with Distinct Citrus Hop Flavour, hints of Grapefruit, Pineapple & Orange.

The Jealous Mistress

English brown ale with honey

Your Jealous Mistress is your passion; the one thing that possesses your being like a lover. Requiring long and constant courtship, the Jealous Mistress is not to be won by trifling favours, but with a lavish homage.

ABV - 6.8% IBU - 12

Sweet, Medium Bodied with Caramel, Cola & Mead Flavours.

Port Side Pilsners


The Port Side Pilsner celebrates those who take a risk for something better. Unless the wind is just right, starting a race on a port tack is most often a disadvantage. The skipper who is victorious from port is at the top of his game, taking calculated risks for a greater reward. One of few Canadian pilsners crafted in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law.

ABV - 5.5% IBU - 30

Very Light, Clean, Crisp-Bodied with a noticeable Earthy & Spicy Hop presence.

Black Sail

Dark german lager

Black Sail has always charged the horizon with a message of greatness. It is a lager that embodies the spirit of lock street and the honed skill of ourhead brewer. this is our dedication. This is our mastery. Since we began, we set our sails to produce pure, all-natural craft beer adhering to the bavarian purity law. it’s the testament of a brewer’s ability to use four simple ingredients to make an incredible beer.

ABV - 5.5% IBU - 20

Dunkelweizen. A European style dark lager. Notes of coffee, and dark chocolate, with a slight raisin note. Light lager body with dark malt flavour.

The Henley

Hard Seltzer

Demand for a great seltzer has grown rapidly for its convenience, great light taste, and versatility in flavour. The Henley Hard Seltzer puts an all-natural, additive and gluten-free foundation derived from malt and champagne yeast. Lakeside or poolside, The Henley is a true crowd pleaser.

ABV - 4.9%

Very light, notes of crisp apple and champagne.

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