2018 Christmas Wish Party

Lock Street Brewing Co. and KC Media are hosting the second annual Christmas wish party, and we would like your help!

Do you know someone, perhaps a single parent, a caregiver, or community member who works tirelessly for others and gives more than they take? Someone who does thankless jobs, or is under-appreciated. This person does the right thing even when no one is looking, and contributes even when no one recognizes it.

We’d love for you to nominate someone you know, or someone in the local community, who you think would be the perfect guest to be surprised and eloquently recognized at our Christmas Wish party.

Here are some conditions to consider:

  • Both you and the nominee must be free on the evening of Wednesday, December 19th. (We’ll need your help to orchestrate the plan!)
  • You must not tell the nominee what they are nominated for… It’s a surprise!
  • You do need to make up a reason for your nominee to be free and available that evening with you.
  • You can make up something fun (last year we used local coffee shops, the nominee was told they were going out for coffee/dessert).
  • The nominee must be 19+.

You will need to provide the following information for both yourself and your nominee:

  • Full Name
  • Full home address, email address & phone number
  • Age & gender
  • Age & gender of any children or dependants of the nominee

If you can get this information without giving away the surprise; what is the pure, true, item on your nominee’s Christmas wish list. You can try the same for their children or dependants.

We will also need a brief story about your relation to the nominee, and an explanation of why your nominee is the most deserving candidate for recognition.

Nominations close on Wednesday, December 12th, and you will be notified by Friday, December 14th if you and your nominee have been selected.

Follow the link below to see one of our first surprises.

Please fill out the form to nominate your deserving candidate.
Don’t forget to leave your story in the Comments section.


Thank you to our Christmas Wish Team